Zombie on the Treadmill…

Hey everyone!!

So today was just one of those days where I was super tired.  Maybe it’s the fact that I’ve only been getting 4-5 hours of a sleep a night?  Yikes, that’s hardly anything.  I have no idea how I am functioning!  Even though I was in no mood to hit up the gym I forced myself to knowing that I would later regret not going.  I managed to work up a ton of sweat while warming up on the treadmill even though I was half asleep.

Warm Up

Started by walking on treadmill for 5 minutes (5.0 incline, 4.0 mph)

Ran 5 minutes (6.5 mph) then walked 5 minutes (5.0 incline, 4.0 mph) and repeated that twice.

Then I did one round of the incline walking workout which I posted about here!

Overall I would say it was a good warm up.  It was about 3 miles or so and I burned around 350 calories.


The usual… (Hip Abductor, Hip Adductor, Seated Dip, Pull Ups, Dips)

I just added Seated Triceps (2 sets of 15 at 40 lbs) to my workout.  This exercise strengthens and tones the triceps and related muscle groups.

It was a short workout because I had to get home in time to watch my sister since my mom was going out, but hey it’s better than nothing!

Well, I’m gonna peace out!  I have homework and Sons of Anarchy calling my name at 10pm!



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