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To Narnia…?

Today was such a chill day I loved it!  It was our first day back from Thanksgiving Break but my school technically didn’t have classes because we went on a day long trip to a near by university!  It was a ton of fun!  The only bad part?  Needing to go to the bathroom within the first 5 minutes of the bus ride.  Good thing it was a 2 hour drive. UGH. I seriously felt like I was going to explode!!  Any who, we were able to attend a few presentations about the college and we also got a tour around campus.  It was cold, but it was beautiful!  One of the funniest things we saw?

That is a picture of a painted door on the wall with the word “Narnia” next to it.  Oh the things you see in college towns.

Another amusing thing was one of my friends managing to fit 32 goldfish in her mouth at once. Without chewing.  Or swallowing.  32!!!  It was crazy!  I have some great friends(:


I worked out for about 45 minutes today.  Not the best, but we did do a lot of walking around campus so that counts, right?

Warm Up

Basic stretches — Jumping Jacks, Wrist circles, Shoulder circles, Pogo hops, Reverse Elbow-Shoulder circles, side shuffle, quick feet, trunk rotations, windmills, and forward lunge with outside twist.  I did one set of each of these for 30 seconds.

Strength Training

Push Up 2 sets of 12

Bodyweight King Deadlift 2 sets of 12 on each side

Bodyweight Jump Lunge (short stride) 2 sets of 13 on each side

One-arm Doorframe Row 2 sets of 20 on each side

Knee Hug Crunch 2 sets of 20

Cool Down

Upward dog pose, Doorframe chest stretch, Single-Leg hamstring stretch, Reaching stretch, Hurdler’s stretch, Elbow Across Stretch.  I held each of these for 30 seconds (1 set of each)

Not too difficult of a work out but it was better than nothing!  I found this workout on the website gainfitness.com and it was called a “Full Body Workout” and told me I burned a minimum of 230 calories.  Not too shabby I guess.



I wasn’t able to take a picture because I forgot (whoops!) but I had two pieces of toast (the healthy goodness brand which only has 30 calories per slice..SCORE!!) with apple butter.  Apple butter=delicious.


I had to pack a lunch since it was a school day; therefore, it is kind of simple in my opinion.  I made a wrap on a whole wheat tortilla with a slice of turkey and lettuce.  With it I had an orange, a pineapple cup (which ranked a B on my Fooducate app!) and a diet green tea w/ mixed berry flavors.  Yes, I know that drink is not really good for me, but I can’t quit drinking it all at once so gradually I’ve been lowering my intake of it.  (Sorta kinda..)

Looks plain, but it was delicious!


My mom made dinner tonight!  We had pork (the white meat kind she said!), potatoes, and green beans.

Have a great Tuesday!!



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