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Zombie on the Treadmill…

Hey everyone!!

So today was just one of those days where I was super tired.  Maybe it’s the fact that I’ve only been getting 4-5 hours of a sleep a night?  Yikes, that’s hardly anything.  I have no idea how I am functioning!  Even though I was in no mood to hit up the gym I forced myself to knowing that I would later regret not going.  I managed to work up a ton of sweat while warming up on the treadmill even though I was half asleep.

Warm Up

Started by walking on treadmill for 5 minutes (5.0 incline, 4.0 mph)

Ran 5 minutes (6.5 mph) then walked 5 minutes (5.0 incline, 4.0 mph) and repeated that twice.

Then I did one round of the incline walking workout which I posted about here!

Overall I would say it was a good warm up.  It was about 3 miles or so and I burned around 350 calories.


The usual… (Hip Abductor, Hip Adductor, Seated Dip, Pull Ups, Dips)

I just added Seated Triceps (2 sets of 15 at 40 lbs) to my workout.  This exercise strengthens and tones the triceps and related muscle groups.

It was a short workout because I had to get home in time to watch my sister since my mom was going out, but hey it’s better than nothing!

Well, I’m gonna peace out!  I have homework and Sons of Anarchy calling my name at 10pm!



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It’s Naturally Delicious!

Let me start this post of by saying how JEALOUS I am of all the runners who got to run in the Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas Marathon today!!  I only dream of being able to do that when I’m older..I’m already training (eh, somewhat….)

I woke up this morning not in the mood to work out.  I tried convincing myself to “take Sunday off” but before I could do that my bff motivated me to go!  I’m glad she did because I felt 3985723 more better after I worked out!  It’s great to have someone to motivate you, you should totes try it!


Warm up

I started out this workout a tad bit different than one of my usual trips to the gym.  Rather than doing my usual walk/run combo I warmed up walking for 5 minutes (5.0 incline at 4.0 mph) and ran for about 20 minutes (6.5 mph) and then cooled down by walking for 5 more minutes (same as above)  It was quite a workout since I’m not that great of a runner, but it set a good tone for the rest of my workout!


Kept it basic this morning, just switched it up a tad from usual…

Hip Abductor (4 sets of 15 at 90 lbs)

Hip Adductor (4 sets of 20 at 100 lbs)

Seated Dip (4 sets of 15 at 60 lbs)—Gotta get muscles!!!  Or at least have some toned arms since I’m going to Puerto Rico this Spring!

Back Machine [Don’t know the name of this, machine said low back 313 whatever that means.  But it is where you have your feet up and then you extend your back.  It strengthens and tones lower back muscles.]  (3 sets of 25 at 160 lbs)

Leg Lifts (3 sets of 20 at bodyweight)

Abbench (3 sets of 40 on each [back, right side, and left side])

And that concludes my workout for the day!

Grocery Shopping!

So recently my favorite aisle of the grocery store has been the healthy, natural, organic food aisle.  So today when I went to the store, I naturally found myself pulled to that section.  I picked up some Bear Naked granola, Kashi Whole Grain Blueberry Waffles, Organic Mac and Cheese (obsession of the moment, even though I’ve only had it twice…), Natural Peanut Butter, Fruit Leathers (DELICIOUS!!), vanilla lite yogurt, Stevia, and a few other things that I can’t remember off the top of my head.  Unfortunately, healthy food is kinda sorta expensive…not looking forward to mom seeing the receipt -____- But boy am I excited for breakfast, lunch, and dinner tomorrow!  I’ve never tried the Kashi Waffles but the ranked a B+ on my fooducate app for my phone so they must be good and healthy!

Stack of yogurts we bought!

Well, I’m off to bed.  School tomorrow and a starbucks trip calling my name!


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